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Sonic Crack Game

Sonic Crack GameFun and entertainment are two elements that surely will not be missing in this free Sonic online cracking game where you and your friends can find out who is the smartest in your class and still have the Company of the most famous games blue hedgehog. So do not miss this opportunity and start having fun right now by clicking on the pieces so they change places and so the matching pieces can be placed next to each other. All of these pieces will appear in the form of very precious jewels like gold rings, diamonds, pearls or even the most beautiful emeralds .

Use all your quick thinking skills and the best of yourself to join three or more equal pieces in vertical or horizontal line to be able to eliminate them from your screen. As soon as you can get three or more pieces together they will disappear from your screen and other pieces will be added to the game. The more pieces you can piece together, the more points you score, and you can move on to the next stages of Trinking Games.

So you have to keep your concentration from the beginning of this game and you should also only click on the pieces that you are sure will form the amount of three or more of the same pieces. Show all your friends that you are very smart and make the most of this Sonic online game so you will have long hours of pure fun together.

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