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Roulette of Love

Roulette of LoveLove Roulette is a new auditorium program where interesting boys and girls get to know a new love they are going to fall in love with and form couples. The game works in a very simple way and the rules are easy to understand. Everything works as follows, a boy signs up for the show and after signing up and selected to attend goes to the stage and hides inside a box where he turns a roulette three times. The first time he turns the roulette he chooses a hairstyle for the girl, the second time choose a beautiful clothes that can be a set of pants and blouse or else a beautiful dress and the third and last has the chance to select a beautiful shoe that The girl will enter the stage.

Depending on the combinations it may or may not come out of the box. If you do not want to go out you can put an elderly or a more ugly boy and if you like the girl you choose you can leave with a beautiful bouquet of roses, cool is not it? Who plays on the roulette of love and wants to get well will need a little luck in both love and play and still need a lot of patience until a beautiful girl is drawn!

Roulette of Love is on our list of Love Games.


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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

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