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Princess Sofia Pregnant

Princess Sofia PregnantPrincess Sofia has married the great love of her life and because they are very happy together they will decide that the time to have a baby has arrived and that is why Princess Sofia is pregnant. As she is already at the end of the last month of gestation she marked her cesarean delivery for today and you who are her obstetrician should deliver. In order for you to perform her surgery you will have to participate in the free online Princess Sofia Pregnant games. First take pieces of cotton and wipe the cleaning liquid on her belly which will appear in a very yellow color and that will serve to eliminate the bacteria that may be present in that region.

Then take the syringe and apply a good amount of anesthesia to her belly so she does not feel any pain when you are cutting her belly. Take the scalpel and begin to slowly pass it over her belly and as soon as the first layer of skin is opened place a forceps on each side of the belly to hold the skin. So you can see the baby Princess Sofia and you can remove the baby from inside her belly.

Do all the procedures as fast as you can, because if you delay her delivery you may have some complications. If all goes well you will be congratulated and Princess Sofia will be able to go to a hospital room with her beautiful baby in her arms. Then of the best of themselves in Barbie Games Pregnant and for sure everyone will be very happy with the arrival of such a beautiful baby in this world.

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