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Minecraft GamesYou must have heard of Minecraft games, right? If you have not heard, I'll tell you a bit about this game that has already been awarded in two consecutive years, even though it has simple graphics, but with a robust platform that allows the player to build the scene and have fun. In Minecraft online games you need to look for and get basic elements for building houses like iron, ore and more, you can still build buildings, bridges, but most important is to build your own shelter that can be a house, mansion or Depending on the amount of raw material you can get.

The shelter is essential since at night the game loses its tranquility and it gains incredible monsters that are prepared to destroy and to finish with all that are not in safe shelters and protected by bombs and other items. In this game we are adding today that is a small sample of how Minecraft works you will have to first create a passage to get to your shelter, but once this passage is created, strange monsters can also pass so you will have to Defend by placing barriers with dynamites, shrubs and other objects so they can not pass, but be careful because to be able to complete each level you have a limited number of objects and if you manage to finish the objects before killing all the animals, they will Get to your house and kill you!

Get ready to play in Minecraft games for free, enjoy and invite your friends to meet this super game, then download the most complete version and enjoy!  11.50 MB.

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      • To play minecraft and move steve.
      • + Click to place objects in the scenario and move them.
      • Opens the inventory.
      • Achievements - lists.
      • Help.
      • Hold the mouse button to break the blocks.