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Mahjong Triple for Mobile

Mahjong Triple for MobileWe have already brought several perfect options for you that likes Mahjong Games and I bet you must have liked many of these games, right? But how about facing a new and even more difficult challenge? Try to overcome your limits in Mahjong Triple for Mobile, but do not think that the game only works on the phone, as it will work perfectly on your computer! The game follows the same standards and rules of classic Mahjong, but in this version instead of joining two cards from the same deck, we will have to join three cards, which makes the game even more fun and difficult of course.

Your goal is to eliminate all the cards from the scenario in the shortest possible time, best of all is that in this Mahjong Triple for Mobile has been set a maximum time for each phase and if you can not finish you have to start the game from the beginning! Another interesting detail that may help you during the game is the "Tip" button that will show you the same cards that can be eliminated from the game.

Remember that the game will never be blocked, since whenever there are no more cards to be eliminated, the game will "shuffle" the cards to make the game even more exciting, so you can not finish a phase unless you Do not find the cards of course! Take care of the "tip" button, because every time you press it you will lose some important points, so use wisely and very carefully, otherwise you might even get up with negative points, have you thought?!?  1.11 MB.

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