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Game of Trincas of the Clarence

Game of Trincas of the ClarenceClarence's Crack Game will test all your reasoning skills to make cracks and thus eliminate some items such as slices of pizza, hot dogs, soda, potato chips among others that are possible Add three equal items. To play just select and move the item from side to side forming the crack, but be careful to perform the actions as fast as you can so as not to burst the time of the stopwatch. The quicker you get to join Clarence's favorite foods, the more chance you have of making progress on the challenge proposed in this Trincas Games. If you watch Clarencio's cartoons on TV through the Cartoon Network channel you know that he is very optimistic and that is why you should be too because in this game that challenges your memory and fast reasoning is very important to be optimistic to score many points So you can move on to the next stages of this fun online cracking game.

So do not waste time and come have a lot of fun with this online Clarence game and also enjoy playing other famous trinca games like Barbie Crack Game and Spongebob Crack Game which are the most accessed games on our site!  2.70 MB.

Game of Trincas of the Clarence is on our list of Cartoon Network Games.


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