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Forno Games

Forno GamesA new pizzeria has just opened, but it has already fallen into the public's preference, as the pizza recipe is traditionally Italian and thus makes the taste of it irresistible. But with so many clients in the pizzeria, the owner decided to hire another pizzailo and that preferably he knows how to make the pasta and prepare the most varied fillings. So if you need to win some extra money, join the oven games, and be the newest pizzeria contractor: "A Italiana" . Know that you should also serve customers so you have to write down the orders very carefully so as not to go wrong when ordering pizza from the kitchen, since the pizzeria offers more than 50 flavors of salty and sweet pizzas.

And another difference is that the mass of the pizza is of three formats as: the traditional round, square and triangular and know that this great novelty is what is guaranteeing the success of the pizzeria as well as its flavor . However be helpful and serve all customers as fast as possible, so as not to leave anyone waiting in line for too long.

Because some customers are very impatient and will soon leave, if they are not satisfied with your service and the more customers you serve, the more profit the pizzeria will have and soon the owner will be able to expand his business, opening another franchise. So put your hand in the dough and prepare the most delicious pizzas in the oven games, which guarantee a lot of fun and entertainment for you.

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