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Flash Sonic

Flash SonicIt's time to enjoy the games in Sonic Flash, since they are a great option for those who are looking for adrenaline, action and fun . So be prepared, because it is an adventure game in which will be tested some skills and their reasoning, because the main objective is to help Super Sonic to pass in the middle of a forest that is full of enemies and pitfalls for all The sides. Without forgetting to get the solid gold coins that are worth bonuses, so you can continue playing with the Sonic games online.

But before you start this challenge, you'll have to choose which of the characters in the Sonic class you'd rather play with: Tails, Knuckles, Cream or Sonic's Super Hero itself. With your choice made, it only remains for you to be ready in this action game, to chase after a good score and overcome all the difficulties that this Flash Games will pose for your character. So try to run very fast through this scenario, so that the enemies can not stop you in a certain place, which would mean their elimination in this game.

And if you feel that danger is around, be smart and use your character's powers, because any one of them knows how to do the atomic turn, the deadly heel and the front punch, which will not let any foes stand. Now that you know how to win all the challenges, do not waste time and run for your goal in the classic games of Sonic, where your fun, will be in each phase, which will guarantee for all participants great emotions from the beginning to the end.

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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Use the arrow keys to control the Sonic, Space Bar \"Pula\" and hold down arrow to gain momentum.