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Command Games

Command GamesEnemy soldiers have decided to attack the US military base and now they will have to act fast to contain this invasion. So do your part and participate in the command games, which will be explosive and intense, because you will have the mission to try to recover this military base, which in this case, is in the middle of a forest, so it is fundamental that you stay tuned With every step you take, since you may be being monitored by some enemy in the distance. So keep your weapons loaded and at the slightest sign of danger, be ready to shoot, since in this operation your life will be at stake all the time, and you will have to kill anyone, who dares to approach you, for the fact Of all being suspects.

Know that this is one of the most complete war games that exist on the internet, as it will have at your disposal, many interesting commands for you to use and that will impress you. For the more enemies you can eliminate, the better, as you will earn money and extra lives, which will entitle you to acquire special powers that will make you stronger and invincible in this battle than armored shields, an armed backguard, , More weaponry and grenades.

For this reason it is very important that you as a soldier of war, be quick in your actions, that you will be able to complete your mission with great competence, since this operation will be extremely dangerous, from beginning to end.

Command Games is on our list of Shooting Games.


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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Use the arrow keys to control the game character, space bar to store and mouse to aim and shoot.