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To Dress Vampire

To Dress VampireMonster High has become a big hit among most girls, because it has a distinctive style and way of being. But to make the world of girls even more magical, they came to the dolls Bratzillaz, which is a collection composed of five dolls that are stylish and half monsters, as each of them has a special power. So be sure to check out the new monster dolls that promise to enchant you who are Clobella, Meygana, Jadora, Vampelina and Sashabella . Being that today you will play with the game of dressing Vampelina that, as you say, is half girl and half vampire. For tonight she will have to go to a very important meeting where all her witches friends will be present.

Therefore, she must be very well dressed, since among her friends there is always a type of competition, to know which one is the most tidy and best makeup and hairstyle. In this case there is much work to do and it is for this reason that the Vampelina doll will count on your help to put together a complete production for this occasion. Just watch closely for the clothes that are at your disposal in this free online dress up game such as blouses, tops, pants, shorts and skirts .

But a good choice will certainly be a dress, since there are more than four models and one is more beautiful and stylish than the other. When the outfit is set your next task is to choose a pair of shoes or a pair of high-heeled boots that leave any girl elegant. And the final touch of this game of girls will be due to the hair and makeup, which should be done very fondly and rich in detail, as the Vampelina doll loves to paint the eyes and mouth with very strong and vibrant colors. And if you liked to play with this game dress up the Bratzillaz.

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