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Tennis Grand Slam

Tennis Grand SlamTake on an exciting challenge in the free online Tennis Grand Slam games where you will be participating in a tennis championship and have to face great opponents. So do not waste time and start playing right now this spectacular sport where you will have to be fast and agile in all your moves to get around the middle of the court and bounce all the balls that your opponent plays to your side. Start this game by grabbing the ball and positioning yourself strategically to make a very strong draw so that it stops on the other side of the court.

Do your best and calculate millimetrically where you will put the ball so that it hits the ground and your opponent can not fight it. But do not think that it will be an easy tennis match, because your opponent is very strong and has a special help from his own computer.

So do not fool around and make the best moves you can to score many points on a set and little by little beat your opponent. That way you'll get a very high score and you'll win this Tennis Games. Make the most of it, so you can tell your friends that you play as well as your idol Gustavo Kuerten (Guga) who is the king of the tennis courts and the greatest player of this sport of all Times.

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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Use the arrow keys to move the character, \"X\" key to hit the ball, and \"Z\" key to hit the ball stronger.