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Sonic EXE

Sonic EXEFor many, a macabre and scary game, for others a great possibility to know another version of the classic Sonic, and you what do you think of Sonic.exe? If it is fearful or scared easy do not play, now if you want emotion enjoy and have fun! In this version that looks more like a Sonic inside out you will have to hide and escape Sonic that is now evil, at first you will realize that Sonic's eyes are red and everything is very different from the traditional. School your character and run as fast as you can to escape the Sonic exe, in case he can get you, it will be the end of the joke! Use the X or SPACEBAR to choose your character and the arrow keys to control him during the game.

Sonic EXE is on our list of Action Games.


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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

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