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Smart GamesIn order to play in the intelligent games you will have to mount a real puzzle of pieces and objects that will help the ball to reach the basket and of "break" you will still have to take stars and other objects that are on the stage. This game wants a lot of strategy, concentration and reasoning, so it is important that you observe all the details of the game and do not lose any sight, because any wrong play can be fatal.

With each new phase you pass, new objects and more emotions will emerge in the game to make it even more difficult and fun. If you find that the game seems impossible, do not give up, just stop to think for a few seconds that you will find the solution to the problem. That is why they are called intelligent games, as they will test our power of reasoning and ability to observe!

After finding the solution to the problem, just click on the "play" button that is just below the game in the center to see if the result will be correct and if the ball will reach the basket in case you can not solve the problem Problem, just click the button again so that the game returns to the state it was previously and so you can move the objects to another better position.

Smart Games is on our list of Thinking Games.


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