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    About the Game Sexy

    Sexy GamesAna and Júlio have just started dating and as they are both vacationing in college, they will spend some romantic days at the beach to have fun together and get to know each other better. So be the cupid of this beautiful couple participating in the free online sensual games and help this couple of lovers to give lots of passionate kisses in the sand of the beach. For this you will have to create several strategies so that this couple of lovers can kiss without being interrupted by the other people who are sitting in the sand of the beach, besides the two are very shy the rules of the beach clearly say that it is forbidden to kiss in that Local beach.

    First look well on all sides and so check that no one is looking at Anna and Julius make them both kiss. And remember that at any moment the two girls sitting under the umbrella next to the couple can look and catch the two red-handed.

    If that happens the two will be very sad and have to leave the beach causing you to have to restart this game of kissing on the beach online again. So focus and help this couple of lovebirds give lots of romantic kisses on the beach without anyone seeing them. So they will be very happy and you will move on to the next phases of this hidden boyfriend kissing online game that are much more fun than the first.

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    How to Play and Step by Step (video)

    Use the mouse to play.