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Sara's Restaurant

Sara's RestaurantSara's restaurant serves a variety of dishes, including German cuisine, Chinese cuisine and mainly Italian cuisine. Being one of the most requested dishes in the restaurant is the lasagne a Bolognese, written on the menu as "Lasagna da Mama Sara." And thanks to the success of this Italian pasta recipe, Sara is willing to split it up, And then put the pen and paper in your hand and write down all the ingredients first, then put your hand in the dough in this new Sara cooking game.Then start with the ingredients of the bolognese sauce that Include: ground beef, chopped onion, garlic, tomato sauce, green scent and lastly the touch of salt and pepper, then put all these ingredients in a pan and let everything turn golden brown and The next step in this game of Lasagna is the preparation of the white sauce, which has no secret, as it is always made from wheat flour, milk and grated Parmesan.But in this Sara's cooking game keep an eye on On the clock, since to do each rec process Eita, you will only have one minute and if you can not do everything within this time, you will return to the beginning of the online game .

So do not check bobeira thinking that you are a good cook, because in fact, you are in the learning phase, which means that you must do everything with much caprice and perfection to achieve the desired result.

But now we are going to mount the lasagna that should be in the following order: meat sauce, half cooked lasagna pasta, white sauce, and always in this sequence until you reach the last layer which should be with grated parmesan. Then just put it in the oven for a few minutes and one of the most requested recipes of Sara's restaurant will be ready to be savored, which must surely be a delight. And if you liked this Italian pasta recipe, wait for a lot of news, as soon as other recipes will be passed to you through Sara's cooking games.

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