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Santa Clothes

Santa ClothesThere are a few days until the arrival of Christmas, and Santa is already preparing his special clothes. Except that he did not have a small problem, is that with the passing of the year the clothing was kept very long and thus became old and yellow. And now he has only one alternative: to buy a new Santa costume. And fashion changes and changes for everyone, including Santa, who will be delighted with the new and beautiful pieces of clothing for Santa.

It will certainly be difficult for him to define the outfit, but if he has someone to help him, he will be more satisfied. Therefore capriche in the new look, which should include: jacket, pants, boot and Santa's cap. And why not change Santa's beard and haircut? It will be a great change and with a new Santa Claus children and even adults will be impressed and Santa will be even more successful.

Santa Clothes is on our list of Christmas and Santa Claus Games.


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