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Pregnant Princess Game

Pregnant Princess GameThe three Disney princesses Ariel, Elsa and Rapunzel are pregnant and as they are in the same weeks of gestation Disney decided to make the diaper of all of them on the same day. All the princesses wish to be beautiful to participate in this great party and because they do not know what clothes they should wear for that occasion they decided to ask for their help. And if you want to help the three princesses get ready you will have to participate in the free online princess of pregnancy game. Princess Ariel will be appearing in the middle of the other two moms and you will have to pack her first by putting on her a beautiful pregnant outfit that could be a maternity dress or overalls and do not forget the jacket.

Once the princess is well dressed depart for the next step of the Disney Princesses game that will be to choose a beautiful hairstyle for her. Also select accessories like fashion women's handbags and change the wallpaper that is appearing behind them. Go ahead and pack Elsa and Rapunzel , so the three future Disney moms will be very beautiful and ready to partake of the baby shower prepared for them.  3.38 MB.

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