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Photograph GamesDescription of the Game: Celebrities from all over the world take part in Oscar night, it is one of the most important festivals in international cinema, but at these parties some things can go wrong and why paparazzi are always on call, ready to register situations Unusual and embarrassing. In Celebrity Shooting games you will have to show skill, speed and a lot of concentration to get several cool photos of strange situations that usually happen with celebrities and celebrities such as "pay in panties" or a romantic kiss, torn dresses and many other things. The coolest thing about shooting games is that situations happen as if it were a story where in the first part you will have to take some photos and as things happen you will have to take even better photos.

The more perfect and bigger the flagrant, the more points worth the shot. In each phase of the shooting games we will have to take four photos, the best will be selected and sold to gossip magazines and celebrities, cool is not it? Enjoy this and other Photo Games that we make available on our website, invite your friends and have fun at the best online games > From the internet!

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