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Painting Game for Mobile Phone and Tablet

Painting Game for Mobile Phone and TabletUnleash your imagination and use all your creativity to color the drawings of this painting game for free mobile and tablet that is now also available in a version that can be played on mobile devices in addition to can be played on computers . You can choose one of the six designs that will be appearing on your screen to make it very colorful, after all they will be appearing in black and white. Choose to color a couple of cats that will be lying on a sofa, a lot of balloons, daisies, a bee, Pinocchio or paint the image of a boy who is driving a bucket.

Once you have chosen one of these designs, leave for the game itself where you will have to select the ideal color pen to color some detail of the drawing. The colors of colored markers that will be available for use will be yellow, green, blue, lilac, pink, brown, black, orange, red, and even white. Avoid using the white or even black tint, as the design already has many details of these colors and you can use all others that will make the design of this game of free online painting much more beautiful.

You will need to be very careful not to end up coloring anything that is off the edges of the drawing. If this happens, do not be annoyed, as you just click the white color and go over the scrawl that came out of the drawing that it will be erased immediately. So if you liked coloring these designs do not miss the opportunity to have even more fun with the coloring game for mobile and tablet that is also now available to be played on our games page.  1.82 MB.

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