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Online Track

Online TrackThe track is a classic board game that most adults should know, but the kids hardly know what that name means, so today we are bringing this online trail game to so much fun that you are already an ace On track how much you've never heard of in this board game. The game is very old, it is more than thirty years old, but still it continues to win those who like games like Checkers, Chess, Ludo and others. The objective of the game is very simple, you need to be able to eliminate all the pieces of the opponent or make it have the least amount of pieces possible when the game "lock".

To lock the game you have to position all of your pieces so that the opponent can not move anymore or can stay in and out until all of his pieces are finished. To "eat" the opponent's pieces you have to place three pieces of your team in the same row or column, remembering that it is worth blocking moves, but for you to walk from house to house and it is forbidden to walk outside the lines of the game.

The board is formed by three squares, one big, one medium that is inside the big one and a small one that stays inside the other two. Among them there is a kind of cross to form the links and make the game more exciting, so you can walk through all points of the online track game without problems. Show you have good reasoning and concentration trying to beat the computer in this exciting online track game, how about you start playing right now?

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      Use the mouse to play, click on the piece and then click on the point where you want to move it.