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Milk Shake

Milk ShakeDelivery people usually need to be very fast and keep schedules so customers do not get angry. This is also true for milk delivery companies who need to bring fresh milk bottles as quickly as possible to the snack bars and why we are here today to play Milk Shake games! Your objective in the game is to get all the bottles of milk that are on the top of the car to the snack bar and then go back to the farm with the empty bottles, but be careful, because to get to the snack bar and back you will only have a few minutes, Background, take the time counters to gain a few seconds and be sure to collect pieces of cheese that are in the way, as they are worth many points!

Several cars and obstacles will be on your way to make the game difficult and if you hit or roll the delivery car you could lose one of the bottles, but if you lose ten, you will also lose the game Milk Shake! When you are returning to the farm, be very careful, because if you lose the bottles you may have problems too and do not forget to observe the weather!

The faster you get back to the farm, the more points you will gain and the more chances you get to pass the stage you will have. Look carefully at all the signage signs and also the directions that say "City" or "Farm", when you have the full milk bottles follow the signs that indicate "City" and when you are returning to the farm follow the signs that indicate " Farm ".

Milk Shake is on our list of Car Games.


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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Use the arrow keys to control the car.