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Mega Password Game

Mega Password GameDescription of the game: A program that is shaking the nights on Saturdays on Rede TV is the Mega Password Game, which is presented by distinguished artists that are: Luciana Gimenez and the Vice President of the station, which is the famous Marcelo de Carvalho. Being that the Mega Password is a game in which two participants dispute several amounts in money, that can reach up to one million Reals. But for this, you have to be smart and have a quick reasoning, since players must guess all the words that are opposite, those that are shown by the presenter and still within the estimated time that is a minute and a half.

For this reason, you are more likely to win the Mega Pass Game the player who is faster and smarter. Then thanks to the success of this program's audience, the star eventually launched the Mega Password Game, which is already on sale across the country. And if you have not already bought yours, do not waste time and buy, as it will be worth having this game in your home, since this way you can play with your family or even with your friends, who are sure to approve this Spend fun time.

So do not forget to play this new game of the star and still assemble the puzzle of Mega Password Online, as it has the images of the main characters of this program that is so successful in Brazil. So get in on this fun and play with the Mega Free Password Games and guarantee moments of entertainment and lots of excitement in your leisure time

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