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Medieval Shooting Game

Medieval Shooting GameKing Ricardo III and his subjects are in a panic, as the enemy army has just invaded the palace, commanded by the terrible Theodore, who is an evil man and who desires above Dominate the kingdom, in order to have much power and wealth. However one of the most experienced archers of the kind king, was not inside the castle, at the time the invasion happened and so this archer, can save the whole kingdom because it was outside. But as you know, the archer is only one person, while in the army there are thousands of soldiers, so all help will be well life in this rescue mission of King Richard.

So show your courage and determination and help rid everyone of this imminent danger through the medieval shooting game. Know that all hopes are being deposited on the archer and you and this is one more reason, so that you and the archer fight with all their weapons to the end. For this help the archer in the bow and arrow, since the best, is that you shoot the arrows, straight from the forest, which is in front of the castle, so you will not be seen. And so start firing towards the enemy soldiers, and hit one at a time so as not to arouse suspicion.

That is why it is fundamental that in shooting games archery, you have a perfect look, because in this mission, mistakes can not happen. Know that the more soldiers you eliminate, the more soldiers will appear and this will be no reason to give up, since you will be heavily armed with sharp, deadly arrows. Then stand in the medieval shooting game and place the enemy soldiers to run, so that the royal palace will be free of all dangers forever and the king will be very pleased with you and the archer.

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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Use the mouse to aim and shoot the enemy soldiers.