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Grace Games

Grace GamesYou are in the middle of an urban war between two enemy factions and to get rid of the shots, you will need to shoot thick lead as well and do away with all the enemies. You are part of the good gang, you want to keep the neighborhood clean and free of crime, so you are in this fight and you can not leave before killing all the enemies. Men come out of buildings and homes at all times with heavy weaponry and you're only with a pistol, which with the passing of the levels will improve and become even a powerful bazooka, but while this does not happen you're bound to count only With your aim and concentration to hit the enemies and do not forget that in times of trouble you can use grenades to end all at once!

The coolest of this game is the effects when you hit an enemy or a car that explodes or just breaks the windows, throwing the trees, the leaves will move and if you shoot the houses and buildings you can see various legal effects.

On the internet you find thousands of games for free to play, but only here on our site you find the best games and everything totally free and virus free of course, so enjoy and invite your friends to play in this game that is a real war and It's just beginning.

Grace Games is on our list of Funny Games.


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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Use the mouse to aim and shoot, arrow keys to move and SPACEBAR to shoot grenades.