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Generic Fight Game - ben 10

Generic Fight Game - ben 10Karate is a martial art that few fighters can master and the few who know this type of fighting are always assigned to the most difficult quests. So Ben 10 was called to end the invasion of dangerous beings from another planet and that, by the way, fight karate. So he will have to invade the hiding place and eliminate one by one, giving many blows, until their army weakens and resolves to leave our planet. But if he thinks that they will surrender so easily, he is very much mistaken, for they still have weapons, very powerful and that, when triggered, destroys everything that lies ahead.

Then your help will be very important in this Ben 10 Generic Fight Game, because he alone would never have a chance to complete his mission. And prepare, as Ben 10 moves forward and wins the battles, the fights get more difficult and the opponents more dangerous and fast.

So it is important to reach the talismans, who will recharge the energies of Ben 10 and so he will feel more strengthened and agile. It will be many days of struggle, so the order is to attack without mercy and ensure the safety of our beloved planet earth. Hint: If you like this game even though it is not an official game enjoy playing the generic games that we have site of several famous children's characters.

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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Use the arrow keys to control Ben 10, \"Z\" attacks with the sword and \"X\" casts many stars on opponents. Space bar serves to open transformation screen.