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    About the Game Smartphone

    Games SmartphoneSmartphone games are getting more and more advanced and this breakthrough happens precisely because of the devices that are rapidly evolving as well. Smartphones are coming each time with better video resolutions, better photo cameras and even high-performance processors with durable batteries, and all this to cater to the audience that loves games and spends hours and hours playing on the smartphone. This game we are adding today you should already know is not it? It's called Angry Birds and has been released for several mobile platforms including Android, iOS and also for PC for those who like to play online.

    In this version of the smartphone games you will have fun with the most famous birds in the world and will need to help them destroy several different scenarios always using concentration and logical reasoning to find out where to attack them. Use a kind of slingshot to launch each of the Angry Birds and be careful not to waste any of the shots you will have on each phase of the game! Get ready for lots of thrills and adventures on smartphone games and hopefully we'll soon be bringing news on the site with various game download options for you!

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    How to Play and Step by Step (video)

    Mouse to aim and shoot.