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Games of Kicking the Boss

Games of Kicking the BossMr. Ernesto's professional life is not very good, as he does not spend a lot of time not receiving an increase in his salary, he is still offended by his boss, all the time That he gives some report to him. And this situation was repeated day after day, leaving Mr. Ernesto completely nervous and stressed, since he is not treated in a cordial and respectful way. So he ended up reaching his limit and today he has decided to ask for his resignation, but before that, he will want revenge on this rude man and the plan is to kick his ex boss so that he flies out of the Window, from the twenty-fifth floor of the building.

So take this chance and have a good laugh, in the fun games of kicking the boss, which certainly promises strong and intense emotions. So as soon as the boss gets in the way, let him talk and complain a lot to poor Ernesto as this will make his rage increase what will be very good for you in this online boss kicking game. After the boss has spoken all he wants, get ready to take a strong and accurate kick and to increase the strength, click on the word "kick" when the pointer is passing the color button Light green, that this will make the kick very strong and it will fly very far.

The important thing is that you do not feel sorry, after all, this boss has already shown that he does not know how to deal with the people who are around him, because a competent and clever employee like Mr. Ernesto should be treated with great respect. But it was the boss himself who chose to be like this and now he will have to bear the consequences of his actions. So in this Cool Games, do what a lot of people would love to do sometimes, which is to kick their butt and send the boss into space and get rid of a problem forever.

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      Use the mouse for all the actions of the game.