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Games of Baby Hazel Care

Games of Baby Hazel CareBaby Hazel's mom forgot about the window of her room that was opened last night, and all night a cold air entered her little room leaving that pretty little baby cold and feverish. Upon entering Baby Hazel's room this morning her mother noticed that she was not well and therefore decided to measure the temperature of the baby, but for this she will need your help a lot. Join the Baby Hazel games online for free right now and help this little baby's mother find the thermometer and measure her fever.

If your temperature is too high, take this little baby to the hospital for a medical appointment. Arriving there you will have to assist the pediatrician who will be alone in your office, so take the thermometer again and measure your fever once more. Then take the stethoscope and listen carefully to the beats of the baby's heart and also check if it has a wheezing in the chest. After being diagnosed in the hands, start administering the oral medications that are the cough syrups and even a medicine to lower your fever.

Then apply a shot of antibiotic straight into her vein and do not panic because she will cry a lot because of the pain from the injection bite. Give her a teddy bear, a lollipop and a bottle full of milk so she will stop crying and you will be able to finish her. This way Baby Hazel will be back in good health and you will have been very happy through this game of Hazel doentinha online for free.

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