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Game to Learn Alphabet Letters

Game to Learn Alphabet LettersDo you like challenges? This game of learning letters of the alphabet is for those who love to be challenged in the most varied ways, today you will have to show that you know all the letters of the alphabet by hitting which objects or animals begin with the letters presented during the game. It all seems very easy does not it? But wait until we see the level of difficulty that the game will reach and in the end we will know that the game is really educational or not!

How about inviting some friends who are also in the learning and literacy phase to play together? Remember that this is just a game so if you do not know the letters of the alphabet, there is no problem, call an adult to play and teach you that the game will be much easier. As soon as you start the game we will see some options to choose between the difficulty levels "Beginner", Intermediate "," Advanced "or" Final ", each of these game modes will have their own letters and pictures to play with, but the most Interesting of all is the "Final" level, because in this level we will have to discover all the letters that form the name of the animal or object selecting each one in the inner part of the game, are we going to get it?

Playing with letters is one of the best ways Learn, why today we are bringing this game of learning alphabet letters to the website!

Game to Learn Alphabet Letters is on our list of Literacy Games.


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