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Game hay day

Game hay dayYou already have fun playing Hay Day on your mobile device whether it is a phone or tablet with Android technology, you can not stop playing the game Hay Day online free that can now be played online without the need to download or Use of Facebook Games. Here you will enter into the role of a character who has won an inheritance farm from his grandparents and who has decided to leave the rush of the city to live the rural work.

All caring for animals ranging from feeding them to milk from cows, collecting chickens' eggs, and caring for farmland by planting food will be their responsibility. So before starting your daily work on the farm read the tutorial carefully, because in this way you will receive several tips on how you should act in the most varied situations. Then begin to prepare the soil to plant watering the same with the use of a watering can and then plant the seeds and pass fertilizer in the soil for the plants to grow.

Once the plants are large, pick them up and sell or use them to feed your animals. You will have to be quick as you will have a certain amount of time to complete each task of this online farm game and if all goes well you will move on to the next day on this beautiful farm.  2.16 MB.

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