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Frozen Kristoff Stable Cleaning

Frozen Kristoff Stable CleaningFrozen Kristoff Stable Cleaning is a game of cleaning and tidying up the stable where Kristoff's horses are. These horses are very special because they all together form the team that pulls the royal chariot of Princess Elsa and Anna. The horses are a bit sad since Kristoff did not have much time to take care of the cleaning and organization of the environment, now you as a good helper will have to show skill, speed and a lot of concentration to get all the objects in the right place, is prepared to To start joking?

Look for tools, instruments, parts of the stable, boots and other items that are part of the scenario and try to position them in the right place, then just remove all the dirt, put some items inside the box and leave the stable in perfect condition May the horses be happier. We will have eight minutes to complete all the tasks and this time is more than sufficient to carry out all the actions since we can use the hint button to observe how the scenario should be at the end of the game.

Frozen Kristoff Stable Cleaning is another great option for you that likes animals and also the movie Frozen, so how about start organizing and cleaning the stable right now? Invite your friends and have fun with Kristoff in this super fun game.  628 KB.

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