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Fashion Runway Solitaire

Fashion Runway SolitaireThe cards are even present in fashionable and dress up games like this did you know? Who knew? A card game, but also with cards, so those who like to play cards can enjoy playing dress up and those who like dress up games can use to play with cards and test their logical and strategic reasoning. In the game Fashion Runway Solitaire your goal is simple, dress the dolls with the available cards in the deck, but do not think it will be easy, because the cards are well shuffled and you will not always be able to find the cards you are looking for.

Look closely at the gold cards as they are worth more points and also look at the clothes, accessories and favorite colors of each of the models, so you can earn additional points that will make them pass the stage. Put on the complete look of each of the models by choosing a hairstyle, dress or blouse, pants, shoes and jewelry that will complete the look, after everything is ready just click on "Done" to find out if you have managed to pass the stage or lost the game!

Try not to move the cards too much, as each wrong move will cause you to lose points in the game Fashion Runway Solitaire ok? TIP: You can move the cards over the Stack Cards Here to be able to release new cards or observe the card type to move it over another card of the same type.

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