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Disney Junior Games

Disney Junior GamesThe biggest characters of Disney Junior are gathered today in this spectacular game that will test your concentration, aim and skill with the mouse! In Disney Junior games you will have to choose between playing with Kick Buttowski, Pair of Kings, Wasabi Warriors or even Phineas and Ferb, after choosing your favorite character just start waiting for the game to choose your opponent so that the battle Start, then just aim and shoot snowballs as fast as you can to finish off your opponent. Pay attention to every detail of the game, because to hit them you will either have to go through a huge ice shelf or destroy it to pick up items that will help you to eliminate your opponents.

Take items like triple bombs, bombs falling from the sky, radar-guided missiles, and other types of infallible bombs. Your goal in Disney Junior games is very simple, make your opponent's life bar end before your course! Each game has three rounds and so that you can continue in the game you need to win at least two of the three rounds, how about you start playing right now? The coolest thing of all in this game is that you better know the main characters of Disney Junior and can venture into an exciting game with them!

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      Use the mouse to aim and shoot.