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Cover From Barbie

Cover From BarbieAnother new fashion game of the Barbie doll has arrived and all the girls are sure to want to participate, which is the Cover From Barbie. In this game, one of Barbie's friends wants to stay just like her. Then your task will be to transform it completely, that is, from the head to the feet. Now let go of your imagination and start transforming Cover From Barbie. Start with hair, which can be short, long, with strands or simply blond. Then choose a nice and modern clothes. So to choose the production of clothes, make several combinations with the blouses, tops and blazers and then try to match with a beautiful tie skirt or jeans.

You will be very hesitant because it will be a very difficult choice, because there are beautiful clothes in the Barbie fashion game. So, if you want to be more practical, choose from the models of couture dresses, which are also available for you to choose. At the end separate a pair of platform sandals or Anabela to the Cover From Barbie and be sure to put the accessories that are: earrings, necklaces and bracelets that she will be ready to raze on the catwalks.

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