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Card Wars

Card WarsCard Wars is a war game that is becoming popular among those who like games for Android and iOS, the game became popular shortly after being released in the Play Store and also in the Apple Store, downloads reached millions in a short time and even being a strategy game is being very well Seen by the players. If you like war games and strategy but also like a good card game, Card Wars is the best option, in it you will have to show total control over the enemy cards and also on the strategy of the game, your mission is to master all The provinces casting higher-value cards on their enemies. You can exchange letters between the provinces already conquered and whenever there is only one card left in the province to be used, you will have to request letters from the rest of the war team.

The game is very complex and will be difficult to understand in the first few plays, but once you begin to understand all the details you will realize that the game is perfect for spending a few hours in front of the computer. As we were already tired of playing traditional Card Games like Patience and others we decided to innovate and bring something different, what did you think of Card Wars?

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