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Beauty Salon by ana Julia

Beauty Salon by ana JuliaDescription of the game: "Ana Julia", an administrator of companies that owns a beauty salon network, decided to innovate and open a children's beauty salon to attend the public of the girls who are between the phase of children and adolescents. And since the hall is already decorated and it was also recently inaugurated and the owner of the salon needs a specialized workforce to attend to all her clientele, since she did a promotion on collective shopping sites and now the hall is full of customers. Your goal in this online beauty salon game is to be one of the employees and then do the possible and impossible to perform well.

Be very friendly and attentive to meet all the wishes of each client. Take care of the hair of each client as you would like them to take care of yours, so it is very important to do the correct process from the part where you will have to wash your hair, then dry, paint, make a very modern cut and finally choose a beautiful hairstyle . Each phase of the game becomes more interesting and fun, enjoy!

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