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Barbie Dress Up 2

Barbie Dress Up 2Girls who love to wear Barbie, are sure to love the new Barbie dress up game that is a must-have. Discover new trends and make your own fashion in the Barbie Dress Up 2 Game. Get ready, because you will be delighted with so many clothes and accessories options that you will find here in this game. Dress Barbie the way you want, and do not save money, because Barbie clothes should be designer and with a lot of quality. So choose dresses, leggings, shorts and skirts , then combine these pieces with blouses and tops.

Then choose from the various pairs of platform shoes that exist. Remember, strong colors are on the rise, like orange and red. And combine the shoes with a beautiful and sophisticated bag, which does not have to be the same color. When this part is ready, it is time to do the makeup, passing shade, blush and glos and do not forget the final touch that are the jewels like earrings and necklaces. With this new look Barbie will be ready to parade, and thus squander all its charm.

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