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Arrange Science lab

Arrange Science labYou like science and labs will love this game which is super fun. Here we are going to play in a science lab tidying game, but do not think it will be easy, because like in any science lab, in this game there are many chemicals spread all over the place and they can be toxic! Be careful with clicks because with any wrong click you will lose important points to pass the phase and remember that each object leaves tips from its original position like other similar objects or even pieces that fit like the hanger that receives the lab coat. In addition to tidying up science lab you will have to clean the walls, tables and even the floor so that nothing gets dirty and out of place.

Before any click, carefully observe the details of the game, as any wrong click can be fatal and will cause you to lose five seconds of play. In total you will only have five minutes to clean and organize all the objects of the game, so be quick and pay attention not to lose! TIP: You will have three chances to observe all the details of the organized science lab, so just click on the "HINT" button and pay close attention to trying to memorize all the details of course.

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