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Archery Games

Archery GamesFrom both the people who live in the forest protect Robin Hood, they eventually aroused the king's anger, who turned against them and now wants all the archer's friends to be executed on the gallows from this day. So the soldiers were sent to the forest and captured all the people ahead, including men and women. But some people managed to escape and soon went to tell Robin Hood what happened, who did not think twice and went immediately to help these innocent people. Which will not be very easy, since next to the gallows, will be positioned heavily armed soldiers and that they were ordered to shoot at anyone who tries to interfere in the evil king's plan.

So Robin Hood will be involved in this adventure game and any help he can find will surely be very useful. So show your courage and that you are good at bow and arrow at archery games, which are not to be missed! After all you are being challenged in this online shoot-out game, since you will have little time to free people who are in danger. So you and the archer Robin Hood should act from a distance, so as not to be seen by the soldiers and aim the arrow towards the ropes. So in this moment be calm and be good in your sights to hit the arrow directly on the rope, because when this happens, the person will be released.

But most of all be very careful in the games of free archer, not to shoot an arrow at people, who when hit, would die instantly. Know that this game of bow and arrow will challenge you in twenty steps, because as you score points the game becomes more difficult, as obstacles will be placed in front of the people who are trapped by the rope. So try to hit more than miss, otherwise you will be the one with the rope around your neck, in this adventure that promises to be a lot of action.

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