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Amigas From sue

Amigas From sueSue is a girl who always has many commitments, and that's why she decided to write everything down in her schedule and now she has arranged a meeting with her friends and her boyfriend. Only that she's late and to be on time, she'll need a little help from you to dress her up and tidy her up, but since Sue's friends are always well dressed, Sue needs to be a lot prettier than them. Counting on your good taste, Sue will certainly look beautiful.

First, separate some clothes like, sweaters, skirts and pants. Then choose a pair of sneakers or something that matches your chosen outfit. Remember that she must be the most beautiful, because even her boyfriend will go on this tour, so capriche in makeup and hair. You can choose a curly, straight hair or even change the cut. But try to do everything fast so as not to ruin Sue's walk.

Amigas From sue is on our list of Sue Games.


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