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3d Shooting Games - Palisade Guardian

3d Shooting Games - Palisade GuardianIn Paralyzed Guardian, you have the important mission of saving the world from the terrible attacks of the most dangerous creatures that are the aliens, since they are more advanced and have in their power weapons of high power of destruction and that are ready to Try to dominate our planet and all the human beings who inhabit it. So enter the 3D Shooting Games and join your courage and strength in this battle that promises to be bloody and decisive because your goal is to prevent these creatures from advancing into the city, as it is a very large army of aliens, For this use all the weapons that you have at your disposal, that in fact are arms of the army.

So stay on top of a building and when you realize that some of these monsters are approaching, open fire with your machine gun in your direction. Know that at this point you can not go wrong, because if you do not hit it, you will be discovered and the aliens will start attacking you until it is eliminated.

But this you can not allow, after all the army is counting on you, for being the best marksman of every corporation and have a great aim. So do not disappoint them and fight the 3D shooting games to the end, to win this challenge that promises intense emotions.

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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Use the mouse to aim and shoot.