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1 + 2 = 3

1 + 2 = 3You are learning to do math at school and you are struggling to learn how to play this game. You can not miss the chance to play the free online 1 + 2 = 3 game from our website where you can learn to play mathematical accounts. So if you are one of these students do not waste time and start doing the math that will appear on your screen right now. Your computer will be your teacher and the same will put a mathematical account at a time on your screen for you to do the calculations. You will have to be very careful and use all your intelligence to do the addition and subtraction accounts that will appear on your screen.

To enter the correct answer for each account you will have to click on the number that corresponds to the right answer that will be appearing at the bottom of your screen, and you will have to choose one of the three numbers that will be appearing in the place. In the first accounts you only have to add or subtract several numbers and as you progress through the game, the accounts will become increasingly difficult, because you will have to do subtraction and addition accounts in the same account.

The more accounts you are able to get, the smarter you will be, not to mention that with each account done correctly you will get one right. But do not think that it will be so simple to do the math, because one factor that will make this educational game difficult is that you will have a certain amount of time to find the correct answer for each one of the accounts. So hurry up and use all your quick thinking skills to find all the correct answers in the shortest time possible so that you will do well in this math game.  1.90 MB.

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